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Stress-free stays for your cats

Have a pampered cat whilst away

One of the most stressful things about going away is wondering how your cat will get on without you. With our cattery, you can forget about those worries, safe in the knowledge that your cat will be well-pampered. We have a 6 family-sized kennels for the cats.


Fully ventilated compartments containing chalets and heating during the colder months, as well as covered outdoor runs. for extra enjoyment.

Our spacious compartments have ample room for two cats. Alternatively, if you need to house more cats, we offer impressive family rooms.


You can have a peaceful trip knowing your cats are in a relaxed and loving environment. If you also need to house dogs, we provide an equally caring kennel service, as well as our doggy day care.

Spacious compartments for your cats

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